Hey there! My name is Pavan
& I'm a RoR Developer

Check out my work

Back End

Ruby On Rails, Sinatra, Code Igniter, WordPress, Nokogiri, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL, Capistrano, Nginx, Bash Scripting, GIT

Front End

Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, SASS, Photoshop, JavaScript, Knockout.JS, jQuery


SEO, User Acquisition, Community Development, Email Marketing


MVP Product Design, Defining Value & Grown Assumptions, Testing Assumptions

Why choose me?

  • The very first start up that I both coded and Co-Founded, grew to 10k+ users.
  • I've coded and consulted on strategy for big Companies, Start Ups and single Founders with ideas.
  • I've built market places, dash boards, data scrapers and monitoring systems.
  • you can rest assured that I won't re-invent the wheel and that difficult things will get done extremely fast.
  • For example, these are features that I can get done quickly: a login/registration system, forms to edit/create things and a basic UI.

I build APIs, use Object Oriented and Don't Repeat Yourself principles, as well as my experience to make sure my code is easily extendable, re-usable and clean.

I code against a database full of data, so that my interactions with the database and architecture scale while your App takes off.

In addition I write tests and make sure all the tests pass before deploying code to a production server. This way, bugs will be minimized.


Want to get started?

You've got an idea and I'll code it fast and make it look great.