About Me

Who is Pavan?



My name's Pavan, I’m 27, and I live in the New York City area with my girl friend, 2 cats and rabbit.

I love cooking, reading, coding, beer and college football, and I go to Rutgers Football games regularly with my best friend.

I fell into web development after my girlfriend got blood clots in her leg. I made INRTracker.com to help her and the millions of others who have suffered from clots.

I've taught web development as an Adjunct Instructor and made my own curriculum for Barnard College of Columbia University.

In the past, I was a developer for a leading ad tech company, Media Math. There, I played a key role in launching an internal Business Intelligence platform to increase efficiency and decrease costs.

I'm currently using Ruby On Rails 4, PostgreSQL, Rake tasks, Knockout.js 3.2, jQuery, Bootstrap, SASS, Nginx, Passenger, Cloud66 for deployments/server & database management/firewall security/database backups/rake task management.

I've learned a lot from my ventures.

The most important things I learned were coding and building lean products that de-risk business assumptions.

After acquiring those valuable skills, I Co-Founded INRtracker.com.

INR Tracker is the definitive solution for individuals taking blood thinners. You can learn a bit more about INR Tracker in this Case Study I wrote.

I've been rapidly getting better at coding.

I started making websites when I was 12, but I only used HTML and some JavaScript. I got into Flash when I was in High School using a program called Swish.

When I was 23, I finally bit the bullet and learned MySQL, PHP, CSS and jQuery.

I taught myself through reading books, watching videos and practicing.

I later got into Code Igniter, a PHP MVC Framework. After getting the basic concepts of a MVC Framework down, I switched to Ruby On Rails and never looked back.

At first, learning to code was something I did to cut my costs and time for launching a web venture.

However, throughout the process of learning to code, I fell in love with it all.

I fell in love with how writing a few lines could make dynamic things happen on the screen.

How something could be expressed in multiple ways.

How thousands of people could be using what I made.

I loved how all the data could be seen visually in a database. I loved it all. I found my passion with coding.

Coding makes me feel like the owner of my own universe that I invisioned and control.

Throughout my life, I was above average at things like math and running

But I was never the best at anything.

That was until I got an Internship to sell Ad Space for a Boston Based College Guidebook Company called OC101 Enterprise, LLC. They were also behind QuickerFood.com, a food ordering internet company.

I broke the Company record for sales made, beating out over 250 Sales Reps (who went to schools like Cornell, UPenn, Duke, etc).

Over a period of 1.5 months, I sold close to $50k in Ads by walking into small businesses and using Consultative Sales Techniques to the owners.

What made this even more impressive was that the Company had a bad reputation in my market, because of a past distribution failure.

My ability to turn around one of their worst markets into their best market helped them get acquired.

In highschool, college and a bit after college I did stand up comedy at clubs and Coffee Shops. I loved making crowds laugh and helping them escape their lives for a little bit.

Being funny on command is one of the hardest things to do.

It requires creating a character, timing, delivery, planning, tailoring routines to an audience's preference, guts and lots of practice.

It wasn't until I studied the art and pattern of jokes and delivering punch lines that I became decent.

Before this, I was booed off stage. But I didn't let that stop me, I just looked for a way to get better.

This is a quote I live by: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." When I'm seriously ready to learn - I'll go find the answers.

I got my degree in Math and Economics from Rutgers University in 2009.

The one relative class that I took to coding was Intro to Computer Science for Math Majors, which was pretty much the same as the normal Intro to Computer Science, but we used a programming language called Matlab, instead of Java.

I came into college as a Biomedical Engineering Student, because my parents said they wouldn't pay for it unless I did that. I later switched to Math and Econ, because Theoretical Math and Economics were fascinating to me.

I took a lot of hard classes in college: Intro to Biomedical Engineering, Theoretical Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Linear Optimization and the laundry list could go on.

However, none of them nearly impacted me as much as my Buddhism and Acting classes.

I had the most brilliant Professor and Teacher. Their classes changed the way I thought about perceiving the world and what was possible.

Want to get started?

You've got an idea and I'll code it fast and make it look great.