• Volunteer Management System

    The goal was lofty. Combine a Volunteer Management System with a Market Place for Volunteers. I made it look simple.

  • Corporate Back End System

    Management saved a significant amount of time training reps and verifying whether they were proficient in product knowledge.

  • Healthcare Web App

    20k+ uniques a month with 10k+ members signed up. 1000s of patients use the site daily to manage their blood thinner therapy.

  • Video eCommerce Web App

    An alpha version of a complex idea was quickly and cleverly developed in order to save money, time and learn about the target market of customers and their needs.

  • Small Business SEO

    Increased visibility (Page one rankings on Google) for keyword phrases like accent reduction and accent training, which generate dozens of leads on a monthly basis, organically, without Language Directions having to lift a finger.

  • (PLAY) Unbeatable Tic Tac Toe Game

    Made an unbeatable Tic Tac Toe game with some typography to make it look nice.

    I broke a lot of what I did into functions and used arrays where appropriate.

    The AI loops through a multidimensional array of winning combinations, and prevents them from happening when 2/3 of the combination is filled.

    When none of the combinations are in danger of being filled, the computer will check if the 6th and and 8th spots are taken by the player and if the last spot isn't taken, the computer will take the last spot.

    If a set of diagonal corners are taken by the player, then the computer takes a non-corner/non-center space.

    If that's not the case, then the computer will try to take the center of the board.

    If that's filled already, then the computer will take the first corner position.

    If all the corners are taken then the computer will take the first empty square.

  • (PLAY) JS Stock Trading Simulator Game

    This is a stock trading game I wrote in JavaScript and jQuery.

    You start out with $1000 and 5 Companies to buy.

    The prices of the Companies change every second

    And get updated on the page in real time.

    You can see your portfolio value, your cash flow and your total net worth in real time too.

  • Search Engine Replication Using an API

    I replicated pionline.com's search engine using their XML API.

    I learned how to use xpath to crawl through data.

    I also rolled out my own pagination system with js.

  • General Assembly Coding Exercise

    I used PHP to write a program which takes in the input of a plaintext data file and a search string.

    The program returns both a count of the times the string appears in the file and the average number of words between each instance of the search string.