Case Study: Corporate Back End System
(Big Orange Productions Inc. - Providence, RI)

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Customer Testimonial

Samantha Samantha D'Amico

- General Manager

- Big Orange Productions Inc.

- rec taken from my linkedin

"Pavan's approach to web development and his tenacity towards achieving our objectives were unmatched. He clearly understood our business goals as well as the technical goals. He formed an excellent technology plan/wire frame and then he executed them above and beyond what we expected. He made great instructional videos to teach us how to use the back end of the website, and he helped install the website seamlessly onto our server. We would definitely hire Pavan again to help us with our IT needs and we recommend him for any web development project."


Management saved a significant amount of time training reps and verifying whether they were proficient in product knowledge.

About Company

Big Orange Productions specializes in advertising promotions that connect brands direct to consumers in fresh, engaging ways.

They do National Mobile marketing Tours, In-Store Demonstrations, Guerrilla Marketing, College Events and more.

They've worked with Brands like Verizon, Gatorade, Dove, Dunkin Donuts, Ford, Gillette, Mentos, MTV, Target and the list goes on.


Big Orange Productions Inc hires and trains 100s of Brand Models/Reps across the nation.

Each Rep is given a marketing campaign to promote at a location.

However, Management had no simple way of determining whether Reps knew the ins and outs of the products they would be promoting.

Adding to this challenge was that sometimes Reps were expected to promote many products at one time.


I coded custom add ons to a Closed Source Quiz Management System.

Most importantly, I implemented the system onto their server and trained Management on how to use it.

Because I am thorough, I made videos for Management, which explained how to upload quizzes/study-guides and evaluate the performance of their Reps.


Management can hold Reps accountable for knowledge of the products that they promote.

100s of their Reps use this system on a weekly basis, and this system keeps Big Orange Productions ahead of their competition.


PHP, MySQL, Smarty Template Engine, HTML, CSS

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