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( (alpha version) - Summit, NJ)

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Customer Testimonial

Pavan Pavan Katepalli

- Co-Founder

- (alpha version)

"The most gratifying thing about creating the alpha version of INR Tracker is seeing thousands of patients use it to take control of their lives."


20k+ uniques a month with 10k+ members signed up. 1000s of patients use the site daily to manage their blood thinner therapy.

About Company

INR Tracker provides the necessary online tools for Warfarin (blood thinner) patients to monitor their at home activity and better manage Warfarin interactions.

The site's current online tools allow patients to record their INRs, drug dosages (which change often), exercise habits, & important dietary information such as Vitamin K & Alcohol.


In early 2011, my girl friend got a Pulmonary Embolism and DVT due to a genetic blood clotting disease called Factor V Leiden. She survived and was put on Warfarin.

Patients on Warfarin have to manage a diet so that their weekly Vitamin K intake is consistent. They have to do this, because Vitamin K directly impacts their Warfarin dosage.

If they have too much Vitamin K (it nullifies their dosage) then they can get a blood clot, too little (it intensifies their dosage) and they can bleed out.

This is why Warfarin patients have to go to their doctor on a weekly basis to re-adjust their Warfarin dosage.

Doctors do an INR test (time it takes blood to clot) on patients to find out what dosage the patients have to take.

To make matters harder, Vitamin K isn't on food labels. I watched my girl friend struggle.

She felt frustrated with her Warfarin treatment. She had to wait at doctors' offices on a weekly basis for long hours - week after week - month after month. Each time, the doctors would have no answers to why her INR was changing.


I coded a custom meal tracker that tracked my girl friend's vitamin k and automatically calculated her total Vitamin K for the week.

The weekly Vitamin K totals were displayed conveniently on a calendar. I also made it easy for her to log other factors onto the calendar that may have affected her INR.


Not only does this website help my girl friend manage her health & life better, it also helps 10k+ other blood thinner patients too. The website receives over 20k unique hits a month and has around 60% of patients active.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS, framework, Third Party Authentication System, Third Party Database Table Searchable GUI

Learn more: See INR Tracker's slide share

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