Case Study: Small Business SEO
(Language Directions LLC - Roseland, NJ)

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Customer Testimonial

Sharlene Sharlene Vichness

- President

- Language Directions LLC

- rec taken from my linkedin

"Pavan delivered exactly what he promised: increased visibility for Language Directions on major search engines. With his creativity and expertise, he brought us to the first page of several within a relatively short period of time. He is knowledgeable, persistent, and easy to work with and can explain complicated concepts to those without a solid knowledge of the field. I enjoy working with him and have hired him for additional work."


Increased visibility (Page one rankings on Google) for keyword phrases like accent reduction and accent training, which generate dozens of leads on a monthly basis, organically, without Language Directions having to lift a finger.

About Company

Language Directions is a full service language training company specializing in customized short and long-term instructional programs.

They offer all levels of training & support such as ESL, Accent Reduction, Spanish At Work, ServSafe® Food & Alcohol Safety and communication solutions for other industry compliance issues.

Instruction is offered on-site in businesses or associations with flexible scheduling.

Their clients include Fortune 500 Company ADP, The U.S. Military, Barnert Hospital, Englewood Hospital, Rutgers University and the list goes on.


Language Directions wanted to increase their online traffic and had a lot of unique content on their pages.

SEO was a natural tactic that could be used to accomplish this goal but it was something Language Directions had not investigated in the past.

When Language Directions started investigating SEO, only a small number of pages on their website had any type of SEO implemented.


I proposed a three stage plan to Language Directions.

Stage 1 consisted of optimizing all the main web pages. Stage 2 consisted of optimizing all the sub pages. Finally, stage 3 consisted of integrating SEO into the business processes at Language Directions.


In plain english, Language Directions got a lot more leads. All the leads told Language Directions that they found them from Google.

Here are a couple of the page one Google rankings I helped Language Directions acquire:

  • accent reduction - 1,900 exact phrase global searches.
  • accent training - 720 exact phrase global searches. I helped Language Directions beat Amazon for this keyword phrase.


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