Case Study: Video eCommerce Web App
(WeCord LLC - Metuchen, NJ)

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Customer Testimonial

Winson Winson Yuan

- Founder & CEO

- WeCord LLC

- rec taken from my linkedin

"Very organized, well put together individual. Has great knowledge in his professed field. Very satisfied with work done for me and my business. Highly recommend Pavan."


An alpha version of a complex idea was quickly and cleverly developed in order to save money, time and learn about the target market of customers and their needs.

About Company

WeCord lets anyone quickly sell anything with a short video.

Its Founder Winson Yuan, is a Jersey Guy and graduate of Temple University's Fox School of Business and Management.

WeCord is his vision, his dream and I am proud to have made it possible for him.


Winson (Founder of WeCord) had a vision. He wanted to change how video and e-commerce work together.

Sounds crazy right? He wanted to take on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist all at the same time?!?! Well you have to be a little crazy to be an entrepreneur, and Winson wasn't scared of a few billion-dollar corporations.

Winson got five figure quotes and 6 to 12 month time frames from other web development firms.

He knew he couldn’t raise that much money from investors without having actual proof that his concept was working. All Winson wanted was to see whether his concept could be proven.


After getting a proposal from me, Winson was re-ignited with entrepreneurial fire. I gave Winson a short time frame and a lower quote than the other web development firms he went to.

I was able to do this, because I recognized that his vision could be translated into a simple Minimum Viability Product.

I realized that there were two assumptions that Winson was making about his product. One, people would come to the website and upload videos of products. Two, people would come to the website and buy products.

Sure there were more assumptions, but the ones I focused on allowed me to develop his product extremely fast (6 times faster than other web development firms) and hence 6 times less in cost than other web dev firms. This was integral in letting Winson test his idea out.

Because I truly cared about Winson succeeding: I made videos for Winson, which explained step by step how a user submits a product request, how Winson would approve or deny the product request, how a user would submit a video, how Winson would upload the video to youtube and how Winson would put the youtube video next to his product on the website.


Users on WeCord are able to upload a one minute simple video of a product, set a price and watch their product get bought up on the site.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Mustache Template Engine, HTML, CSS, Third Party Authentication System, Third Party Admin Panel

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