Case Study: Volunteer Management System
(evoALL - New York, New York)

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Customer Testimonial

Curran Curran Bhatia

- Co-Founder

- evoALL

- rec taken from my linkedin

"Pavan is a very talented web developer. What gives him his edge is his ability to really understand your goal from a point of view way beyond that of most web developers. Pavan is able to provide you solutions and then is willing to adjust them based on responses and is always welcome to constructive criticism. His work ethic is fantastic and he is always up for completing any challenge."


The goal was lofty. Combine a Volunteer Management System with a Market Place for Volunteers. I made it look simple.

About Company

Two HBO Producers had the idea to make the world a better place.

They wanted to make it easy and fun for people to help each other around them.

They imagined a world where neighborhoods were reunited by using a website.

That's how was born.

It's the easiest way for a New Yorker to find help or help someone in need.

Think Task Rabbit, but for volunteers.

The site doubles as a Volunteer Management System (VMS) for Organizations who need to recruit and manage volunteers for events.




I coded from scratch, architected, designed and did all the copywriting for this Volunteer Management System.

Users can come on the site and look for opportunities to help out their community and they can also make posts for help or tell the world what they're willing to help others out with.

Organizations can manage their entire volunteer recruitment and management process on one page.

Organizations can accept/deny users to their event, message users (which sends out email notifications), rate users and update event details (which sends out email notifications to all volunteers).

Additionally, I implemented gamification into the app.


Ruby On Rails 3.2.12, Ruby 1.9.3, Action Mailer,

Mandrill, omniauth-facebook, public_activity, will_paginate, figaro, google-analytics-rails

Bootstrap, SASS, JS, jQuery, bootstrap-datetimepicker-rails

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