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An Easy Way to Start Your Own Dot Com WordPress Blog

By Pavan Katepalli

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1. Get a cool domain name and web hosting account. HostGator is a great place to go to get this done.

2. Set up your hosting account. Call HostGator's support number (available 24/7) if you're having trouble with anything. They're great.

3. Then do the click and install method for WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management System built to make managing a blog Easy! Call HostGator's support to walk you through the process if you're having trouble. They'll make it cake.

4. After your blog goes live, you'll receive an email notifying you about this. After this you can move on to the next step.

5. You can login to your blog's admin panel by going to and logging in (you should have this login info from step 3).

6. I use the Cleanr Theme from Themes are ways you can change the look and feel of your WordPress Blog. Go on Google and search for free WordPress themes. You'll find tons of free themes. Download the zip file of a theme that you like and then login to your blog's admin panel (see step 5 above). Then go to Appearance –> Themes –> Install Themes –> Browse for the theme's zip file that you downloaded and install it –> Click on the Activate link.

7. You can customize the title tags of your Blog by installing a Plug In called "All In One SEO Pack". Go to and search for this Plug In. After you download the zip file, go to your WordPress Admin Panel, log in, similarly like in step 7 click on Plug Ins on the left menu –>click on Add New –> click on Upload –> Browse for the plug in's zip file that you downloaded and install it –> Click on the Activate link. After that you'll be able to edit the title tags for your Blog's Home Page and separate them from the title tags of all your posts. You can also edit the meta description and keywords for each post and page individually with this Plug In. I know this sounds like a mess, but take it from a guy who sold a SEO Company, this is good stuff.

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  • Hey Sayanaël I’m glad the post helped you out! I switched from windows to mac and then mac to ubuntu, so I forget how to refresh wamp. Do you pull up the wamp menu and click on refresh?

    Pavan in Cake PHP 2.2.1 Installation Errors
  • Thanks for this solution ! After hours browsing internet, your solution work just fine ! P.S: You don’t have to restart wamp, just refresh it.

    Sayanaël in Cake PHP 2.2.1 Installation Errors
  • Great article Pavan! Hopefully I can use a lot of these tips to further my own coding experience.

    Joe in How I Learned to Code For My Start Up

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