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Procrastinate and Get More Done

By Pavan Katepalli

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Procrastinating and not doing things is the best organization tool out there.

In college, waiting to the last minute was a bad thing, but in the Start Up world – it works.

This is what I do: I put all my tasks into my black berry, organize them based on categories (personal, start up), then I mark them down for either high, normal or low priority. High Priority means that there are serious consequences for not doing the task. Normal means that there are some consequences for not doing the task. Low means that there are no consequences.

After I have everything written out, I actively procrastinate on the normal and low priority tasks. I try my best to not even think about those normal and low priority tasks.

Then while I’m doing the high priority tasks, I actively look for tasks that I don’t have to do. If they’re not absolutely necessary, then why do them? Can I pay someone to do them? If so, then I try to contract out the tasks using or fiverr.

Also, constantly review your long term goals, because if you reevaluate things, then you can throw away a lot of your tasks that don't align with your long term goals.


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