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Networking Events Suck

By Pavan Katepalli

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Don't go to an event that has the word "Networking" in the title.

At those types of events, I ended up

  • Getting pitched pyramid schemes
  • Resume writers telling me how they could help get me a better job
  • Getting pitched Nets tickets at an outrageous price. The Nets were doing awful back then.

Pyramid schemers, resume writers and 2010 Nets Ticket Sales People target their potential customers based on who is most likely to listen to them.

These scam artists target their pitching to networking beginners.

Stalk the Host

Here’s another clue on how to tell whether a networking event is a legit event.

Check the event host's linked in profile. If it shouts success then the event will be successful

but if the biggest accomplishment is Founder of the event

then the event will consequently be a failure.

Idiots attract other idiots, and winners attract other winners. You want to go to networking events hosted by winners.

Here are a few networking events hosted by winners: NY Tech Mixer, NY Tech.

And ones hosted by losers: NYC Business Networking Group, New York Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs Meetup.

This one’s kind of in the middle: NYEBN.

So when is a networking event good?

When there’s a purpose for winners to be there.

  • Are Start Ups demoing their Apps?
  • Is there an industry specific seminar going on?
  • Is there a quick 2 hour lecture on everything regarding a Financial Plan or on how to quickly make your own PHP Authentication System from scratch?

For these kinds of events, you want to come really early and stay late, because that’s when the networking happens.


I’ve met some really amazing and incredible people at networking events

And I’ve also met jerks trying to take advantage of networking beginners like I was at one point.

So Remember, scrutinize an event's title and agenda, check out the event organizer's linked in profile and if it all pans out, then come really early!


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Justin (website)

Good article, I think there are way too many meetups, networking events, etc today. If there were less in number, the individual events’ quality would increase, as would the # of “winners” at each event.

Pavan (website)

That’s so true Justin. The New York Tech Mixer is usually a pretty solid event for meeting quality people, but the only reason I know that is because I presented MyFitSolution there. I actually just found this site: Basically it lets you see where someone’s going to be in the future. I’m probably going to use it to track decision makers of PR and SEO Firms (if that’s possible), because it would be ideal if I can meet them at an event rather than send them a LinkedIn inmail or a cold call.

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