Procrastinate and Get More Done

Who should read this post: Entrepreneurs that have to prioritize their start up(s), day job and personal life.

What you will learn: You’ll learn how to get everything you need done for the most part.

I know it sounds weird, but procrastinating and not doing things is the best organization tool out there.

In college, waiting to the last minute was a bad thing, but in the Start Up world – it works – kind of.

This is what I do: I put all my tasks into my black berry, organize them based on categories (personal,,, then I mark them down for either high priority, normal or low priority. High Priority means that there are serious consequences for not doing the task. Normal means that there are some consequences for not doing the task. Low means that there are no consequences.

After I have everything written out, I ACTIVELY PROCRASTINATE on the normal and low priority tasks. I try my best to not even think about those normal and low priority tasks at all.

Then while I’m doing the high priority tasks, I actively look for tasks that I don’t have to do. If they’re not absolutely necessary, then why do them? Can I pay someone to do this for me so I don’t have to deal with it ? If so, then I try to contract it out. An example would be taxes. Screw dealing with taxes.

Also, constantly review your long term goals.

For example, for, I was stressing out about getting the cartoons done for this page: The work it entailed was ridiculous. I had to come up with a concept for each slide which totaled to 19 slides. Make one to two pages of instructions for each slide, which comes out to 28 pages of text and sketches I’d have to do. I also had to work with a cartoonist to make the cartoons. Then I realized – WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING? I could just remove all the blank insert cartoon here images and be done with this page. It’s not that important to have cartoons on the site when there are a bunch of errors on the site that need to get fixed. I went lean, I looked at my goals and crossed out something on my task list that would have taken me weeks to complete, and by doing so I saved myself lots of time, effort and hair on my head.

Hell, I’ve thrown tasks off my list that I’ve invested money into. Just because you spent money on getting a task done doesn’t mean you have to continue the task or finish it. Look at your goals and see if you’re going to get there because of this task. If not then trash the task.

Try this out. It’ll make your life easier – especially if you’re running a Start Up Company.

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